Rhode Island Highlanders
Roster 2016



Armstrong, Coreyann

Assumpico, Ann - Snare

Boyce, Morvan - Treasurer

Boyce, Gerry - Quartermaster, Tenor

Cawley, Scott

Boyce, Lauren - Secretary, Bass

Cianciolo, Cameron

Caldow, George - Snare

Cianciolo, Heather

Cianciolo, Colin - Snare

Crouse, Liam

Cianciolo, Kevin - Snare

Eadie, Michael

Coburn, Wallace "Wally" - President

Ferguson, Jared

Forsyth, Wesley - Snare

Flynn, Devon

Joyal, Britney - Tenor

Gordon, Peter

Kane, Frank - Bass Drum Emeritus

Grosso, Mike

Livingston, Brad - Drum Sergeant, Snare

Kahler, William "Waldo" - Piper Emeritus

Livingston, Amanda - Tenor

Kane, Debbie  - Pipe Major

Perry, Rob - Snare

Lindo, Aaron

Richter, Matt - Snare

Mandeville, Ben

Youman, Andrew - Tenor

Mowbray, Penny - Honorary Member


Noga, Mike

Pepper, Tom - Band Manager


Pisolowski, Dan


Reid, Bob - Pipe Sergeant

Richter, Sophia

Stone, Mike

Toolan, Tim

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